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a night to remember


When I find the perfect rock on the ground to add to my rock collection




People with anxiety:

  • Know the worry is irrational
  • Want to calm down but can’t
  • Hate the fact that breathing feels like you are trying to breathe rocks instead of air
  • Feel like they are drowning and suffocating.  Telling them to just take a breath and calm down doesnt help.
  • Want to stop shaking but can’t control their limbs.
  • Just plain feel horrible and embarrassed.

Now I kinda understand anxiety from my friends a little



do you ever get mad at yourself because youre not even good at the things you thought you were good at



Gaza ceasefire celebrations in Palestine. 


Submitted to MasterChef by sayattheexplorer

My desire to highlight all the ingredients was really stumped by the mystery box at first. I had extremely pungent  ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, blue cheese, mustard, and Kosher dill pickles. Bringing these flavors out to the same plate and have them not fight each other is no easy task. Drunk Quebecois food and a refreshing Thai salad to balance the weight of the blue cheese gravy made so much sense! I went all out and got intoxicated to test the recipes!

Larb with an international profile

Instead of the traditional fermented fish and lime elements, I used soy sauce, mustard, pickles, and balsamic vinegar. Rice, beef, nuts and the overall flavor profile remain true to the traditional dish that is both Laotian and Northern Thai. Bright and deep in umami, satisfying and flavorful! 

Poutine with blue cheese

Poutine is a specialty of Quebec, typically served as fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. I used blue cheese curds, soy sauce, and beef broth to make mine. It was not surprisingly phenomenal when sober and divine when intoxicated. 

Go to my blog for the detailed instructions to execute this great plate — bon appetit, have fun and stay tuned for the next challenge!


little blood orange riding hood


The potatoes have escaped




The sky does some seriously beautiful things sometimes.

omg is this not a painting?!

How richly textured the sky is!


Good god why is this cracking me up so much


Part 1 Masterlist (+ sayings); for whatever you desire. 
  • Toska: At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause.
  • Mamihlapinatapei: The wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.
  • Jayus: A joke so poorly told and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh.
  • Litost: The closest definition is a state of agony and torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery.
  • Ethereal: celestial, unworldly, and/or immaterial. 
  • Tartle:  The act of hestitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name.
  • Autodidact: Being a largely self-taught person on most things, I like the word, because it describes the kind of person who wants to learn and understand. 
  • Inshallah: It can be a genuine sentiment, such as when talking to an old friend and parting with “We’ll meet again, inshallah,”. 
  • Immolate: Admittedly at first grasp, it is a dark word, but I believe it to be not fully justified until further inspection. It’s basis is fire, which is in itself life, yet of course it means to sacrifice one’s self and ultimately, death.
  • Apodyopsis: the act of mentally undressing someone. 
  • Meretricious: Attracting attention in a vulgar manner; plausible but false or insincere; specious.
  • Snorker: According to an 1808 English dictionary, snorker is an insult that means “one who smells at objects like a dog” and implies getting into other people’s business.
  • Alexithymia: inability to describe emotions in a verbal manner
  • Abyssopelagic: of, like or pertaining to the depths of the ocean.
  • Koyaanisqatsi:  This Native American word means “nature out of balance” or a “way of life that is so crazy it calls for a new way of living”.
  • Nehrotit to:  Literally, it means “Not to make [the situation] into a sharp point.” Its literal meaning is almost equivalent to a shrug of the shoulders, a declaration that one is not going to stress about something, or, more generally, that one is not going to stress about anything.
  • Milquetoast: one who has a meek, timid, unassertive nature.
  • Necromancy: the practice of supposedly communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future. 
  • Treppenwitz:  In German, this is literally “the wit of the staircase,” or the witty remark that occurs to you after you’ve left an argument you’ve lost. It’s a feeling everyone knows rather well.
  • Saudade: Someone once called it, “vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist.”
  • Magari:  For example, I could have said to the Italians who were eager to board our delayed flight, “Don’t worry, you’ll make your connection.” They would have responded with “magari!”
  • Panthalassa: "universal sea," such as that which surrounded Pangaea.